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Hunan Huaxin Education Investment Co., Ltd. (Huaxin Education Group) is a joint venture established by Beijing Huaxin Science and Technology and Changsha Huaxin Science and Technology in August 2004. It is a modern educational institution mainly concentrating on the development of basic education and secondarily providing the educational training and services.


Introduction of Huaxin Education Group

Introduction of Huaxin
Education Group
Huaxin Education Group
excellent teaching, enjoyable class, inspirational education and self-learning ability
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Into Huaxin

Kaili Huaxin Experimental School is Kaili Municipal People's Government in 2017 and Hunan Huaxin Education Group co-founded a "state-owned public, commissioned by the management of the new system of the school, her predecessor is Kaili first middle school, Xi Mahe Campus, the current school location for the Kaili first middle school, Xi Mahe campus.

Brief introduction of Kaili Huaxin Experimental School

Kaili Huaxin Experimental School
Huangcang Huaxin School
Longshang Huangcang Huaxin School

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